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Stephanie Rivera

Matron for medicine management at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital

Stephanie graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines with a degree in Adult Nursing in 2009. She worked in a medical ward in the Philippines for a few years before coming to London in 2013 when she joined King's College Hospital. She worked in a neurology ward initially then moved to the critical care unit before joining the anticoagulation team as a clinical nurse specialist. She ran a nurse led clinic to initiate and monitor patients on oral anticoagulants and also worked as a VTE prevention nurse.

In this role, she completed root cause analyses for hospital-acquired thrombosis, conducted various teaching sessions, and led on audits to help improve overall VTE prevention practice. In 2020, she was appointed as the matron for medicine management at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital where she leads on the improvement and innovation in medicine safety through nursing practice across the hospital.

NTW22 Speaker | Stephanie Rivera