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Nathan Hutchinson-Jones

Chair and Medical Committee, Anticoagulation Specialist Pharmacist based at Royal United Hospitals, Bath

Nathan started work at the Royal United Hospital (RUH), Bath in May 2017 as the lead pharmacist for anticoagulation. Prior to this he trained at Cardiff University and gained experience working in a variety of roles at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, Southmead Hospital in Bristol and Bristol CCG. Before starting at the RUH he was involved with the “Don’t wait to anticoagulate” project which looked at optimising anticoagulation therapy for patients with NVAF. It was this project which evoked Nathan’s interest in anticoagulation. In his role at the RUH, he participates in a weekly thrombosis clinic, has set up a new cancer associated thrombosis service and works as part of a multidisciplinary team supporting primary and secondary care clinicians, helping to optimise anticoagulation services.

NTW22 Speaker | Nathan Hutchinson-Jones