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Dr Indira Natarajan

Consultant Stroke Physician

Since his appointment as Consultant Stroke Physician in 2008, Dr Indira Natarajan has held various leadership positions within stroke care, both regionally and nationally. Dr Indira has always been a champion and ambassador for stroke victims, with roles in Midlands Stroke Clinical Network and University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust. He has raised the profile of services in all aspects of care from Stroke prevention to end of life support for stroke patients in the community, and is widely known for all his innovative work.

Dr Indira has pioneered innovations in the area of interface, working for stroke prevention in patients with arterial fibrillation (AF) and the introduction of Sky Medical Technology’s geko device as an adjunct to current VTE prevention guidelines which has benefited a lot of stroke patients. Dr Indira has been played a key role in winning several awards for innovation in stroke practice, including Health and Social Awards for Stroke Services and the Health Care Pioneers award showcasing Best Practice in AF presented by the Atrial Fibrillation Academy.

NTW22 Speaker | Dr Indira Natarajan