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Emma Gee

Nurse Consultant Thrombosis & Coagulation, Denmark Hill & PRUH. Lead for the VTE National Nursing and Midwifery Network.

Emma graduated from Brighton University with an Adult Nursing Degree in 2001 and undertook a cross speciality rotation at Addenbrookes Hospital. After working in Perth, Australia as a surgical nurse for a year she worked in High Dependency Care for several years in Watford General and King's College Hospitals. In 2007 she joined Kings' Thrombosis Team as a Coagulation Clinical Nurse Specialist rotating through DVT, anticoagulation and VTE prevention roles.

Emma became the Nurse Consultant in Thrombosis and Coagulation with responsibility for the nursing thrombosis teams across King’s College Hospital sites in 2014 and became the lead for the VTE National Nursing and Midwifery Network at the same time. Emma completed an MSc in Advanced Practice and Leadership at King’s College London in 2018.

NTW22 Speaker | Emma Gee