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Dr Colin Church

Consultant in pulmonary vascular and respiratory medicine

Colin trained in Glasgow, Cambridge, Papworth and Sydney. He has completed a PhD in understanding the basic mechanisms of inflammatory signalling in pulmonary vascular remodelling. He has a keen interest in both clinical and basic science research and is a principal investigator on a number of important clinical trials including looking at novel anti-inflammatory strategies to treat pulmonary hypertension. His basic science research focuses on the interplay of inflammation and hypoxia on the pulmonary vascular cells in particular the pulmonary artery fibroblast.

Colin is one of 3 consultants in the Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit which is the national referral centre for the Scottish Population. This unit investigates and manages all patients in Scotland with pulmonary hypertension. He is also one of the principal clinicians involved in management of venous thromboembolic disease in the QEUH and sits on the Glasgow Thrombosis committee.

NTW22 Speaker | Dr Colin Church