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Andrea Croft

Lead Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Anticoagulation Wales Nurse Director – Thrombosis UK

Originally trained as an SEN in the Royal Air Force, following a four year break abroad Andrea returned to the UK and in 1992 undertook Project 2000. After inheriting the management of the hospital Warfarin clinic in Bridgend General Hospital in 1995 she developed an interest in Anticoagulation. Since 2002 Andrea has pioneered and championed the need to manage all hospitalised patients appropriately keeping them safe from the associated risks of developing a Hospital Acquired Thrombosis (HAT). Since 2009 Andrea has held the role of HAT Project Lead in Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board. Andrea is Wales her passion and enthusiasm for Anticoagulation have taken her as far afield as Australia. In 2015 3 hospitals in Andrea's Health Board were recognised as Thrombosis Exemplar Centres.

NTW22 Speaker | Andrea Croft