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Professor Simon Noble

Marie Curie Professor of Supportive and Palliative Medicine in Cardiff University and honorary consultant at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport

Dr Noble's main research interests are in the management of venous thromboembolism in advanced cancer, the anticancer effects of heparins and the quality of life associated with VTE. He set up the South East Wales Cancer Associated Thrombosis Service which sees 500 new cases per year.

He is chief investigator on the International PELICAN study which explored the impact of cancer associated thrombosis (CAT) on patients in different countries and healthcare settings.

He has sat on several clinical guideline groups including NICE CG89, ASH CAT guidelines and several ISTH guidance documents. He is Medical Director of Thrombosis UK and medical advisor to Anticoagulation UK. He has published over one hundred original papers, twenty seven chapters and six books. His interests include hill walking, travel and hip-hop.