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Lyndsey Stanley

Specialist Clinical Pharmacist

Lyndsey Stanley is a Specialist Clinical Pharmacist and Janet Davies is a Specialist Nurse, who jointly clinically lead a predominately primary care based anticoagulation service for Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Both are non-medical prescribers and they manage a team of 30, comprising of clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, biomedical scientists and admin staff. The service has in excess of 100,000 patient contacts per year and delivers face to face clinics, telephone clinics, domiciliary visits, pre and post-operative management of anticoagulated patients and a patient and healthcare professional advice line. The service manages and prescribes vitamin K antagonists, DOACs, LMWH as well as providing oral vitamin K to manage over-anticoagulated patients.

Lyndsey and Janet have played a fundamental part in designing and developing the service and the team, which saw patients moved out of the hospital setting into the community where they are dosed face to face at the point of care in one of the 54 weekly clinics or in their own homes. The service has won several awards for collaboration and integration, quality, community service of the year and was very proud to win an Anticoagulation Achievement Award in 2018 for Best Ongoing Management of Thrombosis by a Community Based or Primary Care Service.