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Andrew Gillett

Lead VTE Specialist Nurse, Stockport NHSFT

I have worked at Stockport NHSFT since 2005 in numerous areas including endocrine and respiratory medicine and have spent the last 11 years as lead VTE Specialist Nurse within the trust. The role has changed dramatically over the years and has expanded greatly through the support of our well established thrombosis committee.

We run a busy nurse led VTE Ambulatory Clinic which offers initial assessment, treatment advice and ongoing review of our patients. We also cover all areas of the trust ensuring that patients with a diagnosis of VTE are correctly treated and discharged in a timely manner.

We are a small team of two nurse practitioners but we are supported by excellent IT systems with in the trust which give us access to robust data collection and reporting of VTE events. This in turn impacts on changes to practice and policy which improves our overall commitment to patient safety and importantly reduction in VTE episodes. As a result of our efforts we have successfully achieved VTE exemplar status in April 2021.